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Looking for a real estate agent who truly cares about your needs? You've come to the right place. At The Bethel Realty Group, I am dedicated to providing my clients with exceptional service and helping them find the home of their dreams. Let me help you navigate the real estate market today.

My Story

    Victoria Benson, a professional real estate agent based in Atlanta, entered the industry in 2021 with a profound commitment to generational wealth and a genuine desire to assist clients in realizing thier property aspirations. Raised in Atlanta, she draws inspiration from their roots and a lifelong dedication to education.

    With a focus on humility and an unwavering commitment to client service, Victoria finds joy in helping first-time homebuyers, guiding budding entrepreneurs in real estate investment, and assisting families in securing their financial futures. Her dedication extends beyond transactions, aiming for a lasting positive impact on their clients' lives.

    In the heart of Atlanta,Victoria  passionately combines her love for learning, zest for life, and genuine desire to create generational wealth, proving that success in the real estate industry is attainable through sincerity, compassion, and a dedication to improving the lives of those they serve.


I am currently onboarding new clients. Contact me today!


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